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This LibGuide has been developed for the Huntingdon Spring 2012 Australia Seminar/Travel Experience led by Dr. Maureen K. Murphy and Prof. Eric A. Kidwell.

Australia - Its Flag and Government

Aboriginal Flag

Adopted as the symbol of Australian Aboriginal and Torres Strait Island people when it was first flown in 1971. It is a strident 3-colour flag composed of a large central yellow circle imposed on a background of a red lower half and a black upper half; the black represents the Aboriginal people, the yellow the sun as a life force, the red the earth and the blood of the Aboriginal people. It has no official government standing but is becoming widely recognized and acknowledged by the community and is perhaps the only symbol commonly accepted by the diversity of Aboriginal people.

Australia News

Australian Continent

Huntingdon "Down Under" 2012 (Huntingdon College Travel Experience)

Australia in Autumn


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