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Houghton Memorial Library (Huntingdon College) Web Site: Help

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Requests & Suggestions (including Interlibrary Loans)

Requesting Resources (books, films, journal subscriptions, etc.)

If you would like to request that our library purchase a particular book, film, database, whatever, you may send your request to Ms. Joel Godfrey at  Please include as much information as you can about the resource, as well as your contact information, so we can let you know if we will able to make the purchase.  


ILL (Interlibrary Loan) Requests

Inter-library loan requests may be made to our ILL Librarian, Mrs. Nordis Smith. She may be contacted at Ext. 4537 or For books, please include the author, title, publisher and edition (if applicable) of the item you need. For journal articles, please include the author, title, journal name, issue number and date.  For any other type of resource, include similar information.  Be sure to include your name and contact information.




General suggestions related to the Library may be sent to Mrs. Joël Godfrey at

Google Scholar

What is Google Scholar?

Google Scholar is a subset of Google Web Search that enables you to search specifically for scholarly literature, including papers, theses, books, and reports.

Why should I access Google Scholar from the library’s website?

By searching Google Scholar from the Library’s home page, you will automatically have direct access, both on and off campus, to subscription articles already paid for through the library.

Can I access Google Scholar directly?

If you prefer to search Google Scholar directly, from the Google Scholar page, click on the Settings/Library link and select Huntingdon College as your institution.

What should I do if I’m asked to pay for the full text?

Google Scholar often links to versions of papers and articles on commercial publisher websites. These sites will ask you to buy a subscription or pay to access an article... Do not pay for articles! Look for the Huntingdon College links. The Huntingdon College Library already provides access to many of the journal articles indexed in Google Scholar.

What should I do if the full text is not available?

Any time you have trouble accessing full text (or any question), for help. The Huntingdon College Library also provides access to materials not owned by or available through our library via Interlibrary Loan.

What disciplines does Google Scholar cover?

Google Scholar covers all subjects: science, technology, social sciences and humanities.

Can I trust the resources listed in Google Scholar?

Not all Google Scholar results are “scholarly.” It is important to carefully review and assess each information source for its appropriateness and relevance to your research.

What does “cited by” mean?

Google Scholar includes a list of references under each article and paper, so when an author cites old materials, even outdated information, these appear in your search results. These citation counts may not be as accurate as those in another of our databases.

What should I do if I can’t find the resources I need in Google Scholar?

If you’re not finding the information you need in Google Scholar, don’t forget that the Huntingdon College Library offers hundreds of article databases on a wide array of subjects.