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Frank (the Library's Ghost)

While Huntingdon’s most famous ghost is by far The Red Lady (see the story in 13 Alabama Ghosts and Jeffrey by Kathryn Tucker Windham and Margaret Gillis Figh), Martha (aka The Red Lady) is not the only ghost to call Huntingdon home.  Frank is the ghost of the Library, but unlike Martha, he has no back story.  As a matter of fact, Frank didn’t even have a name until a library student assistant in the early 1990s decided he needed one and suggested “Frank.”  Apparently, Frank didn’t object to his new name, or not enough to make his displeasure known.

Over the years there have been “encounters” with Frank: Reports of odd visions on the fourth stack level of the original library building, heavy oak doors mysteriously closing on their own, moans in a decidedly male voice, books sighted on shelves suddenly found opened on a table … just the usual ghostly mischief. 

Frank is also somewhat productive, as he assists in maintaining the Library’s Facebook page.  It is with regret we report he isn't much help with reshelving.  

Office:  Somewhere in the Library

Circulation Policies & Procedures

Student Art Purchase Prize Award

The Student Art Purchase Prize Award was established in the 1994-95 academic year and is presented to the student whose work is selected for acquisition by the Library for inclusion in its visual art collection.  Selection is made by the Director of the Library with the consultation of the Art Department faculty from eligible works exhibited in the annual student art show and/or senior capstone show.

Previous recipients of the award are:

Courtney Coker (1994-95), God

Aya Ishibashi (1995-96), Void

Stacy Loretta Smith (1996-97), Passages of Time

Stephanie Loy Kirby (1997-98), Untitled

Jenny Padgett (1998-99), Self-Portrait with Flames

Junko Yamazaki (1999-2000), PURE Child

Denis Huber (2000-01), The Second Group Portrait

Anne Marie Miller (2001-02), The Unthinkable

Lindsey Alexander (2002-03), The Walk

Suzanna Wasserman (2003-04), Intuition

Matt Johnson (2004-05), The Transfiguration

Andrea Garrett (2005-06), Full Circle

Erica Shawn Bryan (2006-07), Figure #1

Erica Shawn Bryan (2007-08), The Walrus and the Carpenter

Not awarded (2008-09)

Not awarded (2009-10)

Not awarded (2010-11)

Ivan Bush (2011-12), Curves & Angles

Alex Foster (2012-13), Girl

John-David (J.D.) William Swiger (2013-14), Self-Portrait of a College Student

Tyler Chaffee (2014-15), Stella Reimagined

Halee Anne Vaughan (2015-16), Glass Galaxy

Not awarded (2016-17)

Halee Anne Vaughan, Student Art Purchase Prize Award recipient, 2015-16, with her art piece Glass Galaxy.

The Libris Award

The Libris Award is presented annually by the library faculty and staff to an outstanding student library assistant.  Established in the 1992-93 academic year, this scholarship award recognizes exemplary performance of responsibilities in a manner contributing to the mission of the Library. 

Previous recipients of the scholarship award are:

Audra Rouse (1992-93)

Phyllis Y. Jews (1993-94)

Kathy Paschal (1994-95)

Elizabeth Polk (1995-96)

Brooke Eddins (1996-97)

Jennifer Bishop and Jennifer Horn (1997-98)

Melanie Hinson (1998-99)

Kimberly Cochrane (1999-2000)

Joni Bettis and Nathan Sumner (2000-01)

J. Hope Pinkerton (2001-02)

Brandon Addison and Angela Smith (2002-03)

Robert M. Staples (2003-04)

Amber Greenwood (2004-05)

Carrie O'Brien (2005-06)

Callia Johnson and Chris Owen (2006-07)

Kristi Fontaine (2007-08)

Kristi Fontaine and Steven Laye (2008-09)

Jasmin Woods (2009-10)

Matthew McGee (2010-11)

Savannah Rivers Barber (2011-12)

Quentin Ganious, Jr. (2012-13)

Katelynn (Katie) Annelise Lewis (2013-14)

Lyndi Rae Bradley and Joshua W. Veazey (2014-15)

Karissa Autumn White (2015-16)

Riley Julianne Szabo (2016-17)



Riley Szabo, 2016-17 Libris Award recepient.

Library Staff (Part-time)

Marjorie Korb - Library Assistant/Evenings&Weekends

Richard Kerwin - Library Assistant/Evenings&Weekends

Archives & Special Collections (Huntingdon College and Methodist Conference)

Volunteer Assistant

John Matthews

Student Assistants

As part of the federal work-study program, the Library employees a corp of student assistants during the academic year.  If you are a student at Huntingdon and are interested in working in the Library, you may contact Mrs. Margaret Kinney, Head of Circulation.

Annually, the Library bestows the Libris Award upon an outstanding library student assistant.  This award scholarship is presented on the annual college awards day convocation.  (See the "Awards" page for further information.)