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Interlibrary Loan

Montgomery Higher Education Consortium (MHEC Libraries)

As a Huntingdon student you can visit any of the MHEC libraries to check out materials, as well as use many of their other resources as a walk-in visitor.  Just remember that you will need to stop by our circulation desk first to get a Consoritum sticker on your Huntingdon ID if you want to borrow (check out) items from any of these other libraries.

What does "peer-reviewed" mean???

A peer-reviewed (or scholarly) journal (or article that appears in such a journal) is published by an educational institution (such as a university, like The Journal of Modern Historypublished by the University of Chicago Press) or by a professional association (such asThe Journal of Chemical Education published by the American Chemical Society).  To be published, one has to submit an article following very strict guidelines and have the article read and approved by some body of experts affliated with the journal.  This body of experts is essentially determining if the author has done proper research, has come to reasonable conclusions that can be supported by evidence presented, and has demonstrated overall good writing.

What are some further clues to help you know when the periodical you are looking at is a journal as opposed to a magazine?

Generally speaking, if the word "journal" is in the title, it is likely a scholarly journal, but as with much in life there are exceptions (Ladies Home Journal is a magazine, not a scholarly journal).  Likewise, just because "journal" isn't in the title, doesn't mean it is not a scholarly journal ... case in point, The Chaucer Review (which is a scholarly journal published by Johns Hopkins University Press). 

Scholarly journals tend to not have a lot of illustrative matter, certainly not on the scale ofTime, Newsweek, Sports Illustrated, People ... all of which are magazines.  Certainly, a scholarly journal in art may have illustrations, but in general, illustrative matter in a scholarly journal will be limited to charts, graphs, and the like, and not the glossy pictures you are accustomed to seeing in popular magazines.

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