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New Zealand (Aotearoa) 2018: General NZ Information

This LibGuide has been created for the 2018 New Zealand travel seminars.


National Flag

In 2015-16, New Zealand held referendums on it's national flag.  On the second referendum, its current flag and the above alternative design known as the fern flag (by native architectural designer Kyle Lockwood) were presented to New Zealanders.  New Zealanders voted (by a 56%+ margin) to retain the current flag.

Aotearoa (pronunciation)

"Land of the Long White Cloud"

Maori (pronunciation)

Map of New Zealand

New Zealand comes from "Zeeland", which is Dutch and a province in the Netherlands.

National Anthem

New Zealand magazines

We now have access to the digital versions of NZ Today and Wilderness (New Zealand edition).  Click on the Flipster link in the box below.  You have access to back issues and can download to your personal device.

P.S. Check out the other digital magazines you have access to!

Flipster (eMagazines)

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