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Music Theory Open Access Journals: Music Theory Open Access Journals

This guide will provide you with music theory resources that are available through Open Access.

Music Theory Open Access Journals

Journal of New Music Research - from 1972 to present.--Publishes research on all genres of new music, from classical styles to modern popular music.

Organised Sound - from 1996 to present--An international, peer reviewed journal that focuses on the uses of technology in music today

Integral - from 1987 to present --A scholarly, peer reviewed journal exploring and exploiting the increasing pluralism of the music theoretic field.

Journal of Music Theory -In print since 1957, online from 1999 to present --America's first music theory journal, discussing a multitude of innovations in music theory and composition.

Music Theory Online -from 1993 to present --a peer-reviewed open-access electronic journal of research and scholarship in music theory, music analysis, and related disciplines

Gamut: Online Journal of the Music Theory Society of the Mid-Atlantic - from 2008 to present -- A journal of criticism, commentary, research, and scholarship focusing on any aspect of music theory and its cognate disciplines.

Journal of Music History Pedagogy - from 2010 to present --focused on the teaching and learning of music history.

Journal of Seventeenth-Century Music -from 1995 to present  --A journal focusing on the music cultures of the seventeenth century.

Music Theory Spectrum - from 1979 to present --Features articles on a wide range of topics in music theory and research

Music Analysis - from 1999 to present --A journal focused on musical works and repertoires from Medieval to modern and also studying the impact of technology on music.

Intersections - online from 2008 to 2019 --A bilingual journal from Canada focused on refereed music scholarly research, particularly by Canadian authors.

Journal of Interdisciplinary Music Studies - from 2007 to present --An open access, peer reviewed journal for music researchers, focusing on connections between humanities and sciences.

Journal of Music Research Online - from 2009 to present --Publishing scholarly research in musicology and music theory.

Music & Science - from 2018 to present --A peer reviewed open access journal that provides discourses on the intersections of music and science.

Resonance Interdisciplinary Music Journal - from 2004 to 2016 --An online journal run by graduates from University of Southern California on musicology and music theory.

International Journal of Music Business Research - from 2012 to present --A double blind reviewed academic journal on the business impact on music creation.

Journal of Creative Music Systems - from 2016 to present --Focuses on music creativity and computing systems in music creation.

Transactions of the International Society for Music Information Retrieval - from 2018 to present --Publishing novel scientific research on music information retrieval.

Journal of Experimental Music Studies - from 2012 to 2018 --A peer reviewed journal focusing on analyzing new and experimental music.

Analytical Approaches to World Music - from 2011 to present --A journal focused on analysis of the panoply of world music traditions.

Gender, Education, Music, and Society - from 2013 to 2015 --a journal focused on the impact of gender, education and music in society.

EURASIP Journal on Audio, Speech, and Music Processing - from 2006 to present -- Focused on research on audio systems, particularly with regard to speech and music.

LOAMJ Database of Open Access Music Journals - This is a fairly comprehensive list of additional music journals from around the world. It is not a searchable database, but you can view all the various music journals published around the world in various languages.

Billboard Magazine - full, searchable access to Billboard magazine's collection from 1894 until the end of 2019.