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This LibGuide has been created to assist students in Dr. Tom Perrin's English 104 course, spring 2012.

A Word About This Guide:

This LibGuide has been created primarily to assist students in Dr. Perrin's spring 2012 English 104 composition course, though others doing research on the four subjects included in this guide may also find it of use.  Keep in mind that this guide is not meant to be exhaustive.  Our library offers additional resources beyond those included in this guide for Alfred Hitchcock, Flannery O'Connor, Bertolt Brecht, and Emily Dickinson.

A Word About Databases:

Discussion and analysis of works of literature frequently occur in the books, journals, etc. of other fields.  For example. Charlotte Gilman's famous short story "The Yellow Wallpaper" has been greatly discussed in the psychology literature.  So, when studying a work of literature, consider this possibility and don't limit your use of resources, for instance, databases, to only those that are frequently considered "English" or "literature" sources.  The list of suggested databases provided on this page is not meant to be exhaustive, but rather to give you a start - an idea - of the range of possible resources available to you for conducting research on the author or work of literature you select for this class.

Literature and Film Databases

Interdisciplinary Databases

Subject Guide

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