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Technology and Society: History of Computers

This guide is designed to assist library patrons in easily locating resources for computing technology and its impact on society.

Websites and Resources

Timeline of Computer History - A great timeline created by the Computer History Museum highlighting the milestones in computer technology development from the 1930s to 2015. 

Computer History - A timeline discussing the needs for creating computers and technology, to 2017.

History of Computers - A brief history of computers up to 2019.

Modern History of Computers - From Stanford University, delving deeper into the first computers.

Classes of Computers - A wikipedia entry on the different classes of computers.

Timeline of Computers - Also from Computer History Museum, but this one focuses on personal computers, whereas the one above details all the different kinds of computers.

History of IBM and PC Computers

History of IBM - Includes many brochures from the past detailing the history. They are worth your time both for the historical value and the artistry of the designs.

Timeline of IBM History - IBM provides a timeline of their development since the late 1800s.

IBM's First 100 Years - A timeline from The Atlantic on IBM's growth over the years.

History of Hewlett Packard - A history of HP including brochures.

Timeline of HP Computers - From HP's website.

A Brief History of Oracle - A brief discussion of Oracle's growth.

History of Apple Computers

History of Apple Computers - A brief rundown of Apple's development over the years.

40 Years of Apple in Pictures - Showing the history with pictures.

Apple Computers - Entry from Library of Congress with many additional links for more information.

Complete History of Macintosh by Apple - A rundown of more technical history.

History of Apple, from Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak - An in-depth look at the history of Apple.

History of Samsung and other International Computers

History of Samsung - A brief history of Samsung from 1938 to present.

History of Computing Growth in Continental Europe - Showing a timeline of computer development in Continental Europe.

History of Computing in Asia - A brief look at development of computers in Asia.

A Short History of the Internet in Africa - A brief look at the development of the Internet in Africa.

The Birth of Europe's First Computer - One of the first electronic computers created, in Ukraine.

Information Technology in Sub-Saharan Africa - A brief history of computer growth in Sub-Saharan Africa.

History of Microsoft, Google and other similar computer related companies

A Short History of Microsoft - A brief look at Microsoft's history.

History of Microsoft and Its Milestones - Showing some of the milestones of Microsoft.

Google: Our Story - Written by Google, a brief discussion of their inception.

Google Milestones - Highlights some of the events of Google's growth. 

The Rise and Fall of Sun Microsystems - A look back at Sun Microsystems.

Resources on Computer Software Development

The following are websites that detail some of the history and development of computer programming software.

History of Programming Languages - This is a good resource detailing the history of computer programming languages. 

A Brief History of Programming Language - This site provides a brief history of some of the programming language.

History of Computer Programming Infographic - University of Delaware provides a good infographic of the development of computer programming language.

The following are places one could go to learn each particular computer programming software.

Learn C - Learn the computer programming language, C, which is one of the basic foundational languages still in use in computer software and operating systems. 

Learn HTML - This site helps you learn the coding for creating websites.

Learn SQL Online - SQL is one of the original database languages, and you can learn the coding for it here.

Brushing Up on Your COBOL - An article from April 2020, during the height of the COVID-19 Pandemic that gives you an opportunity to learn COBOL, which is still in use today.

Learn FORTRAN - This site can assist you in learning FORTRAN, another of the original computer languages.