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Technology and Society: Security

This guide is designed to assist library patrons in easily locating resources for computing technology and its impact on society.

Computer Security Issues


PRIVACY IN AMERICA: COMPUTERS, PHONES & PRIVACY - the ACLU put out a statement in defense of privacy for American citizens.

Protecting your Home Computer and your Privacy - a notice from University of Iowa on how to protect your information and privacy on your computer.

Privacy and Information Technology - a very comprehensive entry from Stanford University on privacy and information technology.


Computer Virus - the Wikipedia entry on computer viruses.

What is a Computer Virus? - from Norton, a company that has provided numerous software to protect against viruses.

5 of the Worst Computer Viruses - a short video detailing some of the worst computer viruses.

Computer Virus - from Malwarebytes on computer viruses.

Identity Theft

What to Know About Identity Theft - from the FTC.


What is Hacking? - from Malwarebytes.