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Criminal Justice: Subject Coverage

This guide will provide information about the library's resources on criminal justice.

Terminology in Criminal Justice

Use these terms (many borrowed from this good list of topics), and others to search for articles:

  1. Criminology
    1. Criminology Theories
    2. Crime Research
    3. Types of Crime
    4. Criminology as Social Science
    5. Criminology as Public Policy
    6. History of Criminology
  2. Corrections Administration
    1. Capital Punishment
    2. Community Corrections
    3. Crime Prevention
    4. Criminal Courts
    5. Restorative Justice 
  3. Criminal Law
    1. Age and Crime
    2. Aggression and Crime
    3. Citizenship and Crime
    4. Education and Crime
    5. Employment and Crime
    6. Families and Crime
    7. Gender and Crime
    8. Guns and Crime
    9. Immigration and Crime
    10. Intelligence and Crime
    11. Mental Illness and Crime
    12. Neighborhoods and Crime
    13. Peers and Crime
    14. Race and Crime
    15. Religion and Crime
    16. Social Class and Crime
    17. Weather and Crime
  4. Criminal Justice
  5. Law Enforcement
    1. Police Departments
    2. FBI and other Federal Agencies
  6. Addiction
    1. Substance Abuse
  7. Family Law
  8. Industrial Security
  9. Rehabilitation