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Ukraine - on Russia's Invasion: Current Information

We are creating this LibGuide to provide students and faculty with a primer for understanding Russia's invasion of Ukraine that began in 2014 and now has come to a full invasion in 2022.

Verified Twitter Resources

Here are a few twitter accounts that provide as accurate and up to date information as possible from within Ukraine.

Olexander Scherbaua - former Ukrainian ambassador to Austria, sharing up to date information from within Ukraine.

NEXTA - Eastern European media, providing resources on the war. 

Julia Ioffe - Washington correspondent for Puck News, and an expert on Russia. 

Volodymir Zelenskyy - the official twitter of the President of Ukraine.

Illia Ponomarenko - defense reporter for the Kyiv Independent, providing up to date information from within Ukraine.

The Kyiv Independent - an English journal from Kyiv, providing up to date information from within Ukraine.

Alexander Vindman - former NSC employee who is from Ukraine, and who was fired by Donald Trump for reporting on the quid pro quo against Zelenskyy. 


Pechersk Lavra Church - Kyiv

Kiev Pechersk Lavra Church - Free photo on Pixabay

Tile Design By Tara Sartorius

Created by artist Tara Sartorius (Adjunct Professor of Art, Huntingdon College)

From the artist: "It is based on a drawing that I did by hand  and analyzed geometrically (I first used ruler and compass on paper, then photography and finally, digital painting) with the analysis instruction of a wonderful teacher named Samira Mian. It is my personal interpretation and not traditional at all. The design itself is based on architecture from the Gur E Amir Mausoleum in Samarkand, Uzbekistan.  (You can) (s)ee the little carved jaali high up on the back wall there."