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Advertising and Consumerism: Books

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Subject Headings

Libraries use what we call “Subject Headings” to help classify (i.e. categorize) resources.  When you are using Countess, our library’s online catalogue (or using any library’s catalogue for that matter), take notice of the subject headings being used for your topic.  Like most libraries, we use Library of Congress (LC) subject headings.  These can help you narrow or broaden your topic to find resources more relevant to your research.  Below is a sampling of the LC subject headings used for the topics of Advertising and Consumerism.  (Note that "Marketing" would be a broader subject heading than "Advertising."  Within Marketing,"Neuromarketing" and "Marketing -- Psychological aspects", would be two examples of how you could narrow your topic.)




Subject Headings that can help Narrow your research:

 Advertising agencies

Advertising and children

Advertising art (See: Commercial art)

Advertising – Brand name products

Advertising campaigns (See Also: Marketing campaigns)

Advertising – Psychological aspects

Advertising – United States – History – 20th century

Advertising – Censorship

Advertising – Fashion

Advertising in literature

Advertising, Political (See Also: Press and Politics)

Advertising, Magazines – History

Advertising – Moral and ethical aspects

Advertising, Pictorial (See: Posters)

Advertising – Political aspects – United States – History – 20th century

Advertising – Social aspects

Advertising -- Television (See: Television advertising)

Advertising – Tobacco

Advertising – United States – Case studies


Advocacy advertising

African-American women in advertising

Deceptive advertising

Humor in advertising

Internet advertising

Men in advertising – History

Prize contests in advertising

Radio advertising

Sex in advertising

Sex role in advertising

Stereotype (Psychology) in advertising

Subliminal advertising

Television advertising and children

Television advertising – Awards


Consumerism – Use: Consumer behavior

 Consumer behavior – China

Consumer behavior – Psychological aspects

Consumer behavior – Social aspects

Consumer behavior – United States

Consumer behavior – United States – Case studies

Consumer behavior – United States – History

Consumer behavior – United States -- Statistics

 For Narrowing your focus to specific demographic groups of consumers or specific issues related to consumers (such as consumer attitudes or consumer psychology) you can use the term “consumers” as your subject.  You will then see a list of recognized categories - or subject headings - that will direct you to resources related to your more narrowed topic; a sampling of which is provided below:

 Affluent consumers

African American consumers – United States

Aged consumers

Asian American consumers – United States

Child consumers

Consumers – Attitudes

Consumers – Japan

Consumers – Mississippi –History

Consumers -- Psychology

Gay consumers – United States

Hispanic American consumers – United States

Lesbian consumers – United States

Low-income consumers

Male consumers

Middle-aged consumers

Minority consumers

Older consumers

Teenage consumers

Women consumers – United States

Young adult consumers





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