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Critical Thinking: Books

Welcome to the Critical Thinking LibGuide. This guide has been developed to support Huntingdon College's QEP and more specifically the development of the PACT (Practicing the Art of Critical Thinking) course.

Subject Headings

Libraries use what we call “Subject Headings” to help classify (i.e. categorize) resources.  When you are using Countess, our library’s online catalogue (or using any library’s catalogue for that matter), take notice of the subject headings being used for your topic.  Like most libraries, we use Library of Congress (LC) subject headings.  These can help you narrow or broaden your topic to find resources more relevant to your research.  The general "Critical Thinking" heading is a good way to begin your search.  As you review the titles found, take a look at the additional subject headings assigned to these titles (found on the screen page that will give you author, publisher and other information on that specific title).  These additional subjects or subject headings, whether they be for a book, article or other type of resource, can help you find more "like" resources.  Perhaps you are interested in finding resources on developing critical thinking skills in specific fields of study such as chemistry, business, psychology ... subject headings are a good tool for helping you narrow your search.


Circulating Collection