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Film Studies: Databases

Interdisciplinary Databases

Consider this ...

When conducting research in the area of film studies it is important to keep in mind that valuable information may be found in discipline-specific resources, so the researcher should consider carefully the focus of his or her research topic.  If using the film Wall Street in your research, for example, you should strongly consider searching the business literature to discover how the business world reacted to the film.  Perhaps the film you are using has a decided psychological aspect to it, or a religious aspect.  If so, then it would be useful to search the psychology or religion literature.  Is your film based upon a previously created work, such as a novel, play, work of non-fiction?  If so, then finding criticism of the original work could be helpful.  Does your film include an artistic work as an integral part of the plot?  Again, if so, finding information on that work, and perhaps also on how professionals in that field reacted to the use of the work in the film, would help you complete a strong research assignment. 

Film Analysis

Film Reviews


These resources are from “Film Resources on the Web: An Introduction” by Julie Flanders, Technical Services librarian at the College of Mount St. Joseph, C&RL News, September 2005 (Vol. 66, No.8).

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Disciplinary Databases

Here are listed just a few of the discipline-specific databases to which our library subscribes.  You can find others by reviewing our library's "Database" page on our web site or by using the "Databases" LibGuide.