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"To Boldly Go" - Fall 2019 Library Mini-Conference: "To Boldly Go" -- 2019 Library Mini-Conference

In this LibGuide you'll find presentation topics for the Library's fall 2019 mini-conference. Our theme this year is in observance of the 50th anniversary of the Apollo Moon Mission.

Call for Proposals

Suggested Topics (NOT exhaustive)

Aliens come to Earth to live - discuss the issue in relation to citizenship, immigration, "human" rights

Discuss the physiological changes that may occur to the human body due to prolonged space travel and/or space colonization.

Space and religious beliefs - human origins - science and Genesis story

Creation stories from different cultures - how the world, the skies came to be

Teaching children about space science (space education)

Children's literature and science education

NASA - its history, its future

Science fiction to science fact

Classic Sci-Fi film

Orson Welles' radio broadcast of War of the Worlds and its impact 

How have different groups of people (e.g. minorities) been depicted in Science Fiction (literature and/or film)

How have social issues been addressed through Science Fiction?

Space and the Arts:  Gustav Holst The Planets, "music of the spheres," other forms of artistic interpretation of space,  of our place in it

Where did the idea of the "Little Green Men" come from?

What would it be like to live in outer space?

The politics of space colonization

Capitalism and space - space as for-profit business ventures

The ecology of space (e.g. space trash)

Create a work of art related to space (e.g. life on Mars, if it existed, what might Martian animal and plant life had looked like?)