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Ukraine - on Russia's Invasion: Understanding the Current Conflict

We are creating this LibGuide to provide students and faculty with a primer for understanding Russia's invasion of Ukraine that began in 2014 and now has come to a full invasion in 2022.


The following resources provides you with some good background and historical analysis of the current war. 

The Russia-Ukraine Dashboard - from the Social Media Lab at the Ted Rogers School of Management, Ryerson University, Toronto.

Real Life Lore: Why Russia is Invading Ukraine - This is a YouTube video from the channel "Real Life Lore"--a channel that covers various topics around the world. In this video, they explain some of the reasons why Vladimir Putin felt it was necessary to invade Ukraine in 2022. They cover geopolitical aspects vis a vis military alliances, such as NATO, as well as newly discovered natural resources. 

Real Life Lore: How the War in Ukraine is Destroying Russia - This is a follow up video going in depth on how Russia's war in Ukraine is accelerating Russia's decline. 

Why is Russia Invading Ukraine and What Does Putin Want? - from BBC News, a good, but short explainer on the current situation.

What Does Russia Want in Ukraine? - a good analysis from a week into the current conflict from the New York Times.

Russian Invasion of Ukraine - Vox created a separate page for all updates on the current conflict. 

How a No-Fly Zone Would Change the War in Ukraine - a good primer from Vox on Ukraine's request for a no-fly zone.

Ukrainians' escape by rail, explained - a good video from Vox on how Ukrainians are attempting to flee the war.

How Western Sanctions Are Affecting the Lives of Russians - PBS News Hour dispatch on how the sanctions are affecting the lives of Russians.

Russo-Ukrainian War - Wikipedia has created a page for the current conflict full of links to verifiable resources on the current conflict. 

Russia Matters - from Harvard Kennedy School of International Affairs

Anne Applebaum - the official twitter account of Anne Applebaum, expert on Eastern Europe and columnist at the Washington Post.

Timothy Snyder - the twitter account of Timothy Snyder, professor of history at Yale University. 

Michael McFaul - the twitter account of Michael McFaul, former ambassador to Russia, and current professor at Stanford University.


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