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Vietnam War Era: Web Sites

This research guide supports the study of the Vietnam War Era, and the 2009 First-Year Experience Course and its primary text, Tim O'Brien's THE THINGS THEY CARRIED.

Internet Searching Tips

On this page you will find a sampling of web sites that focus on -- or otherwise contain information relative to -- the Vietnam War era.  Many of these sites are hosted by academic institutions, museums, libraries; and offer perspectives from a variety of disciplines such as history, political science, literature, sociology and the arts.  When searching the Internet in conjunction with academic research, we recommend that rather than relying upon the generic Google search box you instead use Google Scholar and Google Books.  The advantage to this method is that Google Scholar and Google Books can be much more effective in leading you to resources that are more appropriate for academic research, in addition to directing you to the libraries nearest you that hold resources that may be useful for your topic.

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