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What is "Interlibrary Loan?"

Interlibrary loan is a service libraries provide whereby resources can be borrowed from other libraries for the benefit of users.  As a student, or faculty or staff member at Huntingdon, this means that if we don't have access to an item you need (such as a journal article or a book, either in print or electronically, or some other type of resource) we can search to see if there is another library that does have the item and is willing to loan it to us.  We also loan out items from our collections to other libraries.  The Interlibrary Loan service is not restricted by geography.  If there is an item you need, while we will first see if there is another library in Alabama that has it and can send it to us, we can go outside Alabama - and even outside the United States (in the past we have borrowed from as far away as Australia).  Likewise, we have had requests to loan items from our library from as far away as South Africa.  So, it really is a global service!

I Need an Interlibrary Loan - Whom Do I See?

If you need to make use of the Interlibrary Loan service, you will need to contact Ms. Nordis Smith, Librarian for Reference, Interlibrary Loan and Instruction.  It would be best to see her in person, but you may also reach her via e-mail at, or by calling campus extension 4650 or 4537.

If we have to go outside the state of Alabama, there may be a charge the lending library will assess for the loan of an item or the copying of a journal article.  Ms. Smith can discuss this with you when you contact her.

Consortium Reminder

Keep in mind that as a student at Huntingdon, or as a member of the faculty or staff, you have check-out privileges at several college/university libraries in Montgomery.  With a valid consortium sticker on your Huntingdon ID (you get the sticker from our circulation desk), you may go to the libraries of Alabama State University, Auburn University Montgomery, Troy University Montgomery, and Faulkner University.  From anyone of these libraries you may check out up to five (5) items.  This privilege is brought to you through a cooperative agreement among the five (5) libraries of the Montgomery Higher Education Consoritum.

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