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Library: Instruction (Information Literacy)

ACRL Information Literacy Standards

Library Instruction (Information Literacy) from Our Library

Our library offers a range of instruction opportunities, including for-credit courses:

Library Research Methods (LIBR 311). Cr. 3. Prerequisite: English 105 or equivalent. 

This course will teach the student the basic knowledge necessary for success in performing library research. The course will emphasize development of critical thinking skills and their application to research in the library, as well as enhancing lifelong learning, through the use of traditional print resources, the Internet and other developing electronic information sources. Students who successfully complete the course should have a foundation in library research which will assist them in meeting other course requirements during the college years and assist in preparing for study beyond the undergraduate level.

Libraries: Repositories & Transmitters of Humanity’s Record (LIBR 211). Cr. 3

The focus of the course will be to trace the evolution of libraries and explore the role they played and continue to play in different societies. Students will be introduced to the institution known as the library in the context of different cultures and civilizations and will gain an understanding of libraries as agents of cultural transmission and inheritors of social change. Students will come to appreciate how libraries have preserved humanity’s written record in different times and places and how they have often been influenced by the events of history itself. While the scope of this course is broad, particular attention will be paid to library evolution and development in the Western World.


One-on-One Instruction

Students are welcomed to make appointments with members of the library faculty for one-on-one assistance.  Where you are a new college student who just needs a good, thorough review of what 21st Century libraries have to offer, or you need focused assistance for a course assignment or capstone project, we are here to help guide you through the process and help you discover the resources that will enhance your academic experience.


Traditional Reference Assistance

We still maintain a traditional Reference Desk, which you will notice as you enter the building.  During the week and on Sunday evenings, the Reference Desk is staffed by our primary research librarian, Paige Crumbley.  Saturdays and evenings during the week you will find members of the library staff who are happy to assist you, though for more indepth assistance, they may need to refer you to a librarian.  You may also receive assistance during the week from any other member of the library faculty.


One-shot Workshops and Seminars

Periodically during the academic year, the Library will offer half hour or one hour instruction sessions on focused topics.  Most recently these have included learning about the Library's children's and young adult collections, how to make the most out of using the online library catalogue, and using specific databases.  We welcome suggestions for future session topics.


English Composition Courses (ENGL 105 and 106)

Students enrolled in English 105 and 106, will meet in the Library once in the semester to learn about our library, our library's holdings (both physical and virtual), and begin their journey learning of the research process.  English 105 sessions (generally fall semester) tend to focus on library orientation (establishing a library account, introduction to members of the library faculty and staff, navigating the library web site, becoming familiar with library policies and procedures), whereas English 106 sessions (generally spring semester), are more instruction-based and focus on assisting students with locating and evaluating resources for their 106 research assignment (which for many students may be the first true research assignment they have had to complete up to this point in their education).


Sessions by Request of Faculty

The Library welcomes request from faculty for instruction sessions tailored to meet the needs of particular course and majors.  Faculty are invited to contact the Library as early as possible to make arrangements.  

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