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Technology and Society: Diversity

This guide is designed to assist library patrons in easily locating resources for computing technology and its impact on society.

Books on Social Issues

Social Issues and Computer Technology


Some of the biggest challenges that come with computer technology arise with diversity, both on the front side--who has access, which I'll get in more in-depth down below--and on the back side--who creates the technology and its algorithms. The following are some resources that discuss these issues in more depth. 

AI, Ain't I A Woman? - A YouTube video that provides evidence of how facial recognition technology, designed mostly by white males, has issues in recognizing black women's faces, wrongly categorizing them as male. The video is made by the people at Not Flawless AI, who highlight the dangers of facial recognition technology. 

Algorithm Justice League - Advocate group that raises awareness of the bias in technology toward white males and against particularly black females. 

Gender Shades - A video produced by Joy Buolamwini and Jimmy Day, showing the results Joy found in her thesis at MIT on facial recognition software that skew toward white men. She goes further into the details of her study here on her website at Gender Shades.



What is Cyberbullying - A good primer for understanding what cyberbullying is and how to stop it from occurring. 

How to Stop Cyberbullying - A good page from UNICEF on stopping cyberbullying.

Cyberbullying Research Center - An entire website on understanding and stopping cyberbullying.


Two Cyberstalking Cases from the FBI - The FBI writing about cyberstalking.

How to Avoid Cyberstalking - Some good tips to avoid being stalked over the Internet.


How the Alt-Right Uses Internet trolling to confuse you into dismissing its ideology - An article from Vox on the influence of the Alt-Right in trolling.

Understanding Trolling from 4Chan - Delving into the adolescent, anarchical website, 4Chan and its influence on trolling.

I Was A Teen Troll Against Incels on 4Chan - A personal tale about the horrors of 4Chan.

What is Trolling - Understanding why people troll.


What is Doxxing - A good primer on what doxxing is.

Protecting Yourself From Doxxing - From UC Berkeley's Office of Ethics.

Limiting Access

Review of Automating Inequality - Faith Gordon reviews Virginia Eubanks' book that I link on the column on the left entitled "Automating Inequality", highlighting some of the ways that technology has been used to limit people, further dividing some from the wealthy. 

Book Review of Automating Inequality - Hannah Lebovits provides another good review of Virginia Eubanks' book, "Automating Inequality", detailing using technology to further limit access to wealth to poor people. 

Law, Technology, and Humans - an open access journal from the Queensland University of Technology in Australia that focuses on "scholarship that reflects on how technology is changing law, regulation and normative conduct and also how law, regulation and normative conduct effects local and global challenges and opportunities from technological change." --from their About page.


Articles on Diversity and Social Issues