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Animated Films: Universal

This LibGuide was created by Paige Crumbley, Access Services Librarian, while she was a student library intern.



Fun Facts

  • The movie was entirely animated in the French studio. 'Mac Guff' in Paris.
  • Steve Carell experimented with Gru's voice until he came up with one that sounded "somewhere between Ricardo Montalban and Bela Lugosi."
  • The directors wrote a functioning language for the gibberish the minions speak throughout the film -  "minion-eise".
  • Teen star Miranda Cosgrove, who voices orphan sister Margo in the movie, is better known to tweenie audiences as Carly Shay in the hit TV programme iCarly.
  • Russell Brand based the character of mad scientist Dr Nefario on Sexy Beast and Gangs of New York star Ray Winstone...but "mellower".
  • The idea for Despicable Me came from Barcelona-born Spanish animator Sergio Pablos, who had worked on disney films The Hunchback of Notre Dame, Hercules, Tarzan and Treasure Planet.
  • When Gru is seen entering the Bank of Evil, the subtitle "Formerly Lehman Brothers" can be seen over the door.
  • The number on Gru's ticket for Swan Lake - while he is orbiting the moon - 072069. July 20 1969 is the date of first moon landing, which Gru is seen watching in flashbacks.
  • Gru discovers a doll's head in his bed, parodying the famous scene in The Godfather where Jack Woltz sees the head of one of his prize horses on his pillow.
  • Soundtrack composer Hans Zimmer has also written the scores for The Lion King, Gladiator,Pirates of the Caribbean, The Dark Knight and Inception.
  • Julie Andrews, who voiced Gru's mother Marlena, has also provided the vocal talent for Shrekas Queen Lillian and Enchanted as the narrator.
  • It's the first time that Russell Brand - famous for playing rock star Aldous Snow in Get Him To The Greek - has provided his voice for a character.
  • Co-director Chris Renaud was nominated for an Academy Award for the 2006 animated short No Time for Nuts, which featured the character Scrat from the Ice Age films.
  • Following the movie's box office success, the studio has already started work on a sequel.
  • In August the film crossed the $200m mark, becoming the first Universal film to reach the milestone since 2007's The Bourne Ultimatum.
  • The song You Should Be Dancing, which closes the film, was a hit for the Bee Gees in 1976 and launched their celebrated disco period. 

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