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Daniel Dubei

He, Him, His
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Daniel Dubei
He, Him, His
Houghton Memorial Library,
Huntingdon College
1500 East Fairview Ave.
Montgomery, AL 36106
“…You see, my dear friend, I am made up of contradictions, and I have reached a very mature age without resting upon anything positive, without having calmed my restless spirit either by religion or philosophy. Undoubtedly I should have gone mad but for music. Music is indeed the most beautiful of all Heaven's gifts to humanity wandering in the darkness. Alone it calms, enlightens, and stills our souls. It is not the straw to which the drowning man clings; but a true friend, refuge, and comforter, for whose sake life is worth living”
― Peter Ilyich Tchaikovsky

My Guides

About the Library
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Become A Librarian
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Computer Availability
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Criminal Justice
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Ebooks & E-magazines
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Last update: Oct 12, 2023 872 views
Last update: Aug 10, 2023 54 views
Library Personnel
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Music History
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Religion 315
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Technology and Society
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Trial Databases
Last update: Jan 29, 2024 16 views
Last update: Mar 15, 2023 14 views

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